Space Mod [Game Files Part]


This mod is supposed to go with it's workshop version!

HOW TO INSTALL: open up steam, right click scrap mechanic, click properties, then click local files and browse local files. Then open install folder and drop all it's contents into scrap mechanic folder. If it asks you about replacing files, click yes!
HOW TO UNINSTALL: same as install, but instead of install folder, open uninstall folder and drop it's contents into scrap mechanic folder replacing files if it asks.

Space Mod is finally out! This huge mod made by Dart Frog, Izapertron and Shinevision might sometimes get updated! If you don't know how to build something, just watch mod overview! If you have ANY suggestion: tell us either in DM, here on basically anywhere. As you may know, the mod is SPLIT into two parts!

Workshop part:

Game files part: you're here

Workshop part is just adding parts and blocks, Game files part is adding space itself, astronaut as character etc.

In game, there is an information block! It will tell you latest news about the mod so you don't have to check out this description every update! :D

YouTube overviews by mod creators:




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Uploaded Feb 25 2018